New Economy Tour

The ultimate traveling exhibit, the SAP New Economy Tour uses a custom-designed trailer to move a software company's message across the country.

Following the successful planning, design, and installation of a 640,000-square-foot trade show in Las Vegas, SAP invited Thinc to produce a mobile version of the exhibits. To enable the software company to take its message on the road, we designed an expanding custom-built trailer that opens into an immersive five-screen theatre, exhibit floor, and conference room.

The trailer's floor, ceiling, and walls serve as projection surfaces, transforming the truck into a theatre that conveys the company’s position that value comes not from hype but from the ability to deliver. The exhibit floor accommodates serpentine displays of SAP products, while a conference room provides opportunities for small group presentations and meetings.

Sophisticated, tightly engineered, and completely self-contained, this novel exhibition platform traveled to dozens of shows and corporate headquarters over a period of more than two years.

  • Client:
  • Summary: Exhibition Design
  • Project Type: Brand Experiences
  • Location: Mobile Exhbit
  • Date: 2001