Da Vinci Science Center

This project will provide a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that reimagines what a science center and what STEAM education can look like for the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. Thinc is designing over 30,000 sq ft of immersive and interactive exhibits about the human body, local industry and manufacturing, the Lehigh Valley natural environment, and the relationship between curiosity and scientific innovation. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s way of seeking answers, discovering connections, and seeing possibility in every aspect of the world around him, the experience will provide exciting, playful, meaningful opportunities for science thinking for visitors of all ages. Its downtown Allentown location will ensure it serves as a community hub, and an equitable resource for the next generation of informed, curious, creative local citizens. The science center is scheduled to open in spring of 2024.

  • Client: DaVinci Science Center
  • Summary: Exhibition Planning and Design
  • Project Type: Museums
  • Location: Allentown , PA