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Image Building

'Image Building: How Photography Transforms Architecture' is a superb exhibition currently showing at the sublime Parrish Art Museum on Long Island, a two hour drive east of New York.

Disney has introduced autonomous, personality-driven robots

Disney's latest park addition is a set of robotic alien characters called the Vyloo with surprisingly humanlike interaction capabilities.

Join the Climate Change Revoltuion!

Amanda White, Thinc's Head of Content and a Certified Climate Reality Leader recently published a short piece about the climate action revolution. Amanda inspires all of us at Thinc to learn more about climate change and to get more involved. Read her article on

About Face

In spite of the adage, most of us do judge a book by its cover, and most of us also judge a museum by its entrance.


In my quest to understand what interpretation means, I frequently circle back to the idea of storytelling.

Believe in the Value of Your Actions: Now is Not the Time to Stop Doing Stuff

In the work we've been doing at Thinc for Expo2020, we've realized the importance of connecting our everyday seemingly small actions to the big moves of de-carbonization.

AR and VR and MR, Oh My!

Technological acronyms are all around us, so I thought my first offering for the Thinc Tanc would be to help wrap your head around the jargon du jour… what all this geek-speak actually means… and why these similar technologies are not the same thing.

In Praise of Daylight

I'm beginning to think the control of light - both daylight and artificial - could be the single most important factor in museums and exhibitions.

Label Writing and Foreign Cultures

A curator from the British Museum answering questions online recently sparked controversy when she mentioned a tricky topic.

Museums of Misery : When Less is More

I learned a while ago that a large number of visitors to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester have complained about feeling upset by some of the audio-visual material transmitted during their visit.

Plastic Invasion

This is an excellent report and I urge you to read it. You can also submit feedback throughout, to keep the research going.

A New 'Hope' for the Natural History Museum

Museums are under a great deal of pressure these days to keep moving and changing. Increasingly motivated by a drive to broaden their appeal,

Is There Any Reason For Hope?

I really like this straightforward how-it-is piece by Justin Gillis in the New York Times.

Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day. There are some in the world of climate science calling it a tipping point. To what?

Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale

Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc., has hired Thinc Design as its experience designer for the Desert Discovery Center project.