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A first look at the USA Pavilion exhibits for Milan Expo 2015


Archinect: Thinc Design's USA Pavilion exhibition presents America's role in the future of food for Milan Expo 2015


First Look at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History Expansion

2015-02-20 Cleveland Museum of Natural History $150 million expansion to commence this spring (photos)


Sharing a Meal at Milan Expo 2015


Charlie Faas, Tom Hennes & James Ogul discuss the USA Pavilion (Inpark Magazine)




Experiencing Memory: Designers Reflect on the 9/11 Museum


Interior Design Magazine - September Feature


Thinc Design and Renowned Chef Grant MacPherson Join USA Pavilion Team for Next World's Fair


Thinc joins Friends of the USA Pavilion Milano 2015 to collaborate with industry leaders on USA Pavilion at Expo Milano. Read about it here


NYC-Arts Profile of the National September 11th Memorial Museum


A profile of the National September 11 Memorial Museum, featuring conversations with Alice Greenwald, Tom Hennes, and Amy Weinstein. NYC -Arts: September 11th 2014 Episode



Attractions Management: Whose Museum is it Anyway?


Whose Museum is it anyway?


Museum professionals discuss the ongoing debate of why museums exist; to serve the public or the collections.


Read Tom's thoughts in this issue of Attractions Management Magazine



Tom discusses designing the 9/11 Memorial Museum and more with Carol Bessert


VoiceAmerica: Museum Life: Designing the 9-11 Memorial Museum



An insider look at designing the Cleveland Museum of Natural History


Check out Cleveland Museum of Natural History's monthly blog The Centennial Chronicle. To have a look at the integrated design approach underway, click here



Reflections on the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum


TEDBlog: Reflections on the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, from the lead exhibition designer Tom Hennes



Designing the National September 11th Memorial Museum: An Inside Look


CBS News: Tom Hennes Interview: National September 11th Memorial Museum


Wall Street Journal: Designers of National September 11 Memorial Museum Focus on Visitors, article by Jennifer Maloney


Dwell Magazine:At Ground Zero Bedrock, the 9/11 Museum Prepares for Visitors, article by William Lamb


The Rising: A museum devoted to a traumatic event provides space for soaring emotions as it descends to bedrock, article by Clifford Pearson for Architectural Record


Getting to 9/11: How a museum's creators memorialized our collective agony, article by Justin Davidson for New York Magazine


WIRED Magazine:The Near-Impossible Challenge of Designing the 9/11 Museum, article by Cliff Kuang


New York Times: A New Story Told at Ground Zero, A guided tour of the National September 11th Memorial Museum


From fire trucks to shoes, National September 11 Museum artifacts to tell story, article by Jillian Jorgensen for the Staten Island Advance


Firm Develops the Exhibits for One of the Most Important New Museums in America




A look at Climate + Change


Climate + Change Arts Program Vignette, created by Shashank Shrestha



A first look at the Indianapolis Zoo Orangutan Center


Indy Zoo offers first glimpse at $26M Orangutan Center



The Cleveland Museum of Natural History raises nearly $39 million and plans expansion start in 2016


"My hope is people will find the experience [of the new Cleveland museum] to be welcoming and accessible and exciting and that they'll come away wanting to come back" - Tom Hennes


Read more about the Cleveland Museum of Natural History project here



What is Discovery Park of America?


Discovery Park of America Exhibit Designer Takes Us Through the New Union City Museum, interview and article by Kate Lochte



Descending Into the 'Sacred Space' of the National September 11th Memorial Museum


Wall Street Journal, article by Jennifer Maloney



Tom Hennes featured in Architects + Artisans


Architects & Artisans: Tom Hennes: Redefining the Museum, by Mike Welton



AIGA "Justified" Competition selects Infinite Variety for Outstanding Case Studies


AIGA's "Justified" Competition: Case Study - Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts



Architectural Record features Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center


Earth and plants serve as critical materials in helping a building integrate itself into the landscape, by Clifford A. Pearson



Steven Shaw and Oronde Wright discuss design of Sharp CES exhibit


Event Design Magazine: Sharp Thinking (May-June Issue)



Thinc Design Creates Displays for MIT Museum Exhibit


"Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya" opens April 13th at the MIT Museum. Read about this stunning exhibit on the Exhibitor News Network



YOU! The Experience: Virtual Heart ipad app goes live!


This vibrant 13-foot-tall animated heart from MSI's YOU! The Experience is now available in convenient iPad size. Click Here



The $20 million International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo aims to help save the species


Indianapolis Star: International Orangutan Center will be one of a kind, by Bill McCleery



An honorable mention for Infinite Variety


New York Magazine: The Year in Art by Jerry Salz




Contract Magazine: Web-Exclusive Interview - Thinc Design Principal Tom Hennes, Designer of the Exhibits at the National September 11 Memorial Museum, by John Czarnecki



On 9/11, Museums and Memories


Vera Haller of the Huffington Post interviews Tom Hennes about the makings of the National September 11th Memorial Museum



How The Body Became A Museum Exhibit


Hear Tom Hennes and Patricia Ward discuss 'You! The Exhibit' at the Chicago Humanities Festival.



AFC interviews Tom Hennes about the makings of Infinite Variety


Infinite Variety at The Park Armory: An Interview with Exhibition Designer Tom Hennes, by Paddy Johnson



The Martha Stewart Show episode featuring Infinite Variety is now available online!


Martha Stewart visits the Infinite Variety quilt exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory and discusses design and installation with Tom Hennes, Steven Shaw, and guest curator Elizabeth Warren.



See what the world is saying about Infinite Variety


"Suspended in the air like magic carpets, the display of the quilts was as artistic and beautiful as the things themselves."

(Olivia Graham: V Magazine)


" an age when all our fingers seem to do is race across a keyboard, a different kind of digital handiwork done with steadfast grace and exquisite vision can afford us a glimpse of heaven on earth. "

(Simon Schama: Financial Times)


"On all scales, from architectural to intimate, Infinite Variety is a 360-degree immersive experience that fuses both the whole and the parts into a transcendent example of the art of exhibition design."

(Angela Reichers: Metropolis Magazine)


"An abundant gift that keeps on giving"

(Samuel Parker:The Last Magazine)


"a sight to behold"

(Marlon Bishop:WNYC)


"Whether our predecessors came on the Mayflower, through Ellis Island, or on the Concorde the quilts of Infinite Variety gloriously reflect our heritage and history."

(Sarah Macyshyn:New York Social Diary)


NTD Television: Historic Quilts Go on Exhibit in New York City


China TV: Largest quilt exhibition presented in New York City


Sky News Australia: Quilt collection of 50 years on show, NY



The Martha Stewart Show featured Infinite Variety on Monday, March 28


Martha Stewart blogs about attending the installation. It's a wonderful entry and insightful preview into the show that will air Monday, March 28 on the Hallmark Channel.



Infinite Variety - a Wall Street Journal Photo of the Week


The Wall Street Journal: New York Photos of the Week March 18 - March 25 (photo by Natalie Keyssar)



Prelude to Infinite Variety - Everyone's talking quilts!


1stdibs Introspective Magazine: Quilts: An Extraordinary Collection, by Donna Paul


Curated Magazine: 650 Quilts in Magnificent Installation Quilts Take Over Park Avenue Armory, by Amy Zimmer


Design Observer: OBlog: 650 Quilts, by Chappell Ellison


Hand/Eye Magazine: Infinite Variety, by Alice Dana Spencer


The New York Times - City Room: Finally, Mrs. Rose (and the Public) Can See All Her Quilts, by James Barron


New York Magazine: Design News - Make Your Linen Closet Jealous, by Janelle Zara


The Huffington Post: Major Quilt Exhibit Sponsored by American Folk Art Museum Opens in NYC, by Kate Kelly


The Editor at Large:Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts



Let the installation begin! A first-hand look at the beginnings of Infinite Variety


For a look at the Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts installation in progress, check out:




What's Red and White, and Quilted All Over?


The Wall Street Journal: What's Red and White and Quilted All Over? , by Katherine Clarke



Seeing Red (and White) in The New York Times


The New York Times: T Magazine Design Blog: Seeing Red (and White), by Pilar Viladas



Full speed ahead: An update on Discovery Park of America


The Messenger: Discovery Park of America Taking Major Steps Forward, by Glenda Caudle



Preview 'Infinite Variety' on Channel 13 Sunday Arts


Be sure to watch Channel 13 Sunday Arts Sunday, March 13th, at 12pm, for a sneak peak at Infinite Variety.

Liz Warren takes viewers through the exhibition "Quilts: Masterworks from the Collection of the American Folk Art Museum" and ends her talk with images of "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts". It's a great preview of the quilt extravaganza!


If you missed it, the segment is now viewable on Youtube! To view, click here



'Infinite Variety' featured on!

2011-02-10 "Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts", by Linda Smoker



Gravity Free Design Conference Speaker Video is now available online!


Every GRAVITY FREE program showcases some of the most remarkable designers

in the world. See and hear Tom Hennes speak at the Gravity Free Design Conference



Unprecedented Quilt Extravaganza at Park Avenue Armory Highlight of the Museum's Year of the Quilt


Broadway American Folk Art Museum Presents Infinite Variety



Crazy For Quilts!


Architectural Record-Notebook: Crazy Quilt Installation by Thinc Design, posted by Jenna McKnight



'Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts' Featured in National Geographic Traveler


National Geographic Traveler: Red, White, and Quilted By Giovanna Palatucci



Thinc Design Takes Quilting Up A Notch at the American Folk Art Museum


Event Design Magazine (December 2010/January 2011 Edition): Quilting Bee



Unprecedented Exhibition by Thinc Design with American Folk Art Museum


Read about this exciting project at IDSA-Industrial Designers Society of America



Tom Hennes Speaks at The Chicago Humanities Festival


Did you miss "How The Body Became A Museum Exhibit" - a conversation between Tom and MSI Director of Science and Technology, Patricia Ward? Read about the event on Chicago



NY1 Preview of the 9/11 Memorial Museum's Memorial Exhibition


WTC Memorial To Display Momentos of Attack Victims



Interpretive planner eyes Discovery Park with enthusiasm


The Messenger: Interview with Senior Interpretive Planner - Madeline Chinnici, By Glenda Caudle



9/11 Memorial Preview Site reaches 1 millionth visitor

2010-09-05 9/11 Memorial Preview Site Reaches One Millionth Visitor



Projected vision comes to life with the "Giant Heart"


Systems Contractor News: AV Illuminates The Museums Market, by Karen Mitchell



"The museum seems destined to become one of the most remarkable memorial structures in America"


First Look: The 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero (In Progress Pics & Video), by Cliff Kuang (Co. Design)



Rebuilding at Ground Zero: an exclusive behind-the-scenes video


Fox News NY: Exclusive Tour of World Trade Center Video

Behind the scenes-underground construction at Ground Zero, featuring designs by Thinc and Local Projects for the National September 11th Memorial Museum



Excitement is flying high for Discovery Park of America


The Messenger: Excitement Taking Off for Discovery Exhibit, By Glenda Caudle



The Unveiling: Miami Science Museum's final designs


The Miami Herald: Final Design for Miami Science Museum Opens to Views, By Andres Viglucci



"You! The Experience" receives an Honorable Mention from ID Magazine


The Giant Heart, created for "You! The Experience" at MSI Chicago, received an Honorable Mention in the Interactive category of ID Magazine's Annual Design Review. Read about it on the Exhibitor News Network




See what visitors are saying about "You! The Experience"


USA Today: Hot Exhibits Make Science Accessible, and Lots of Fun, By Mary Brophy Marcus



The National September 11 Memorial Exhibition


9/11 Memorial Exhibition Archive: View A Preliminary Draft Design Study of the Memorial Exhibition

Victim Video Tributes at 9/11 Museum, By Amy Westfeldt, Associated Press Writer

The Memo Blog: Family & Friends of Victims Needed for Commemorative Memorial Exhibition



Imagination, Uniqueness, and Passion


The Messenger: Exhibit Designer: Imagination Key for DPA Adventure, By Glenda Caudle

The Messenger: Hennes Looks for The Unique, By Glenda Caudle



High-Tech Museums:The Future is Now (Archi-Tech)


Read Tom's Thoughts on Gesture Recognition in Museums (article by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett )



New design developments released for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.


9/11 Museum to Recreate Post-Attack Landscape, By Amy Westfeldt, Associated Press Writer

NY1: Officials Unveil 9/11 Memorial Details

The Memo Blog: New Images of 9/11 Memorial Museum Exhibition Design Studies



Preview the National September 11 Memorial & Museum


NY Times: At Ground Zero Museum, Voices of 9/11, By Andy Newman



Impressive community commitment for "Discovery Park of America".


The Messenger: Community Commitment for DPA Impressive, By Glenda H. Caudle



"Discovery Park of America" - Thinc visits Union City, Tennessee.


The Messenger: Discovery Park Back On Track As Architects, Others Chart Course, By Glenda H. Caudle Thinc Design Selected for Discovery Park of America Tourist Attraction


The Miami Science Museum unveils it's "ultramodern," conceptual design.


The Miami Herald: Miami Science Museum Envisioned As a Natural Wonder, By Andres Viglucci



"New Amsterdam" exhibit opens at the South Street Seaport.


The New York Post: Dutch 'Treaty', By Rebecca Rosenberg